Jenny Labaw.


Even though it’s not true.

Even though it’s not true.

This is such a bad joke.

This is such a bad joke.

Anonymous asked: "I m so afraid to have sex because I m flat chest .I dont know what he ll think when he see my no boob.What should I do?"

Confidence is sexy. Act like you love your body, and he won’t notice a thing. When you’re having sex, you both will (hopefully) be focusing on pleasure and the happiness you get out of making each other feel good. If he complains about your lack of boobs, he ain’t worth it.

Anonymous asked: "Flat chest is not a problem for me I still feel hot... :P"

Anonymous asked: "Im 14 1/2 a freshman in High school and I'm a 32AA-A and EVERY girl in my grade is at least a B. i don't have my period (I'm a really late bloomer) so i won't have anything for a while. It makes me really self conscience because i have a twin brother and all his friends and him talk about are all the hot girls and their boobs and asses. And it makes me feel like no one will ever like me because im flat. Its been a problem for me for a while. I just can never stop feeling self conscience about it"

Unless your grade has like 10 people in it (like my graduating class does), I doubt every girl is at least a B. They probably use push up bras and/or padding. You might not grow after you get your period. I didn’t. But that’s okay. Your body is special in its own way.

And don’t feel too badly about your brother & his friends.Teenage boys are often confused, hormonal messes. They’re obsessed with girls’ bodies because they’re just figuring out sexuality and how they feel about everything. As you get older, breast size becomes less important. A guy should like you for who you are, not a specific body part.

Anonymous asked: "I'm 14 and a 32 A. I FUCKING LOVE MY BREASTS!!! They're the perfect size! When I'm 40 mine will still be perky! I don't have to wear a bra!! I went on YouTube and looked up "perks of having small breasts" and "small breasts" and those vids gave me even more confidence! Words can't even explain I just love my size so much! I don't understand the small boob complaints WE ARE THE LUCKY ONES."

Anonymous asked: "Hey. I needed to vent somewhere, I just came to the realization the other day that I've past puberty and I'm all done growing. I'm hardly a 32a cup and always had hope in the back of my mind I'd get bigger. I just realized this is as good as it's going to get and I've never felt more cheated. Sigh"

There’s still a possibility that your breasts will grow. But if they don’t, they don’t. Your body knows what it’s doing. Just because they’re small doesn’t make them any less beautiful than the bigger ones in store windows and advertisements. You have other features that are more important— your personality, the way you laugh, the way your eyes sparkle when you talk about *insert topic you’re passionate about.* And anyone who says otherwise can go sit in a corner.

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Anonymous asked: "A lot of young girls out there fret over the size or shape of their boobs, but learning to be comfortable with what you look like is the best thing ever. Throughout all of highschool I had a fairly flat chest, and I was convinced that I was underdeveloped and would be stuck in the middle of puberty forever. I'm now 20, and can finally say I fill out a 34A, but more importantly I feel confident in how I look and present myself and I hope that other young girls can find that as well."

Amen to that. Whether you’re skinny or fat, flat-chested or busty, being happy with your body is the most fulfilling thing.

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Anonymous asked: "Hello, I'm sixteen years old, I write because I'm the flatest girl I have ever seen, I'm not even 30,my brother has more chest than me, I think I will never use a bra, there is other people as flat as me in the world?."

Yes, definitely. More than you think.

This site has more info about being literally flat-chested.